Cost-effective healthcare for your business!  

Finally! Inexpensive office based healthcare for businesses is available 24/7. With Madsen Medical Concierge Care, you get prompt same day/next day medical treatment from your personal physician resulting in faster recovery and less time off work.



The 5 Benefits Of Our Direct Care Program For Your Business:


1. It's Inexpensive

Group Rates As Low As $50/Month P/Person

  • Never A Copay

  • Unlimited Visits

  • Special Group Pricing

"D and R chose a Christian share plan for their healthcare coverage and are saving $700 monthly since joining Madsen Medical Direct Care."


2. We're Accessible

Your doctor is available EVERY day.

  • Less Time Off Work

  • Accessible ALL Day, EVERY Day

  • SAME Day Treatment

  • 30 Minute Appointments

  • Call, Text, or Email Anytime

"With Madsen Medical Direct Care I was able to see Dr. Madsen the SAME DAY I got sick. I received my medications from the office at the same time as my appointment and missed no work."


3. At Cost Prescription Medications

We Have Extremely Competitive Prices

  • We dispense 200+ Meds from our office

  • No more long waits at the pharmacy

"That’s ALL for my medicine? I love getting my prescriptions here, I don’t have to wait AND I save money!"


4. Discounted Lab Work

You'll receive huge savings as a direct care member!

  • Labs drawn in the office with no long wait

  • You are told the cost BEFORE labs are drawn

  • Typical savings of 95% across the board

  • You are promptly notified of lab results

"K.S. labs thru their local hospital lab was $423. The same labs thru Direct Care only cost $23. We see a typical savings of 95% across the board with our lab costs VS others."


5. Discounted Imaging

Prompt Discounted Testing Available


Save money and call us today to schedule a meeting with Dr. Madsen to see if our concierge office based healthcare is the right fit for your business.

"J.F. had a cat scan done at a local hospital for $5800. The same scan at a contracted facility was $540 for our Direct Care patient."


"It was a late Friday evening on a holiday weekend. I was on vacation in Florida. I called Dr. Madsen and we talked for 5 to 6 minutes and I texted him a picture of my rash. I was diagnosed and a prescription was called in. He even called to check up on me 2 days later!”

- Madsen Medical Direct Care Member


What To Do Now


  1. Review our pricing information below.
  2. Read thru our 'How It Works' page so you can see from an individual member's perspective all the benefits, details and important information.
  3. Contact our office today or fill out the form below to talk further to see if Madsen Medical Concierge Direct Care is right for you and your employees. You can reach us at 740-200-3860.
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What's the cost?

Special Pricing Business Rates Available

Our pricing system is very straightforward – which probably isn’t what you’re used to. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. In the meantime, be sure to read this page in detail so you fully understand how Madsen Medical Direct Care operates!

  • $10 - Children 13-19 (With At least 1 Parent Enrolled)
  • $50 - Adults 20-44 Years Old
  • $75 - Adults 45-64 Years Old
  • $100 - Adults $65+ Years Old



"In all of our years, this is the most exciting time to be a part of Madsen Medical!" - Dr. Madsen

Having access to your doctor when you actually need them is how healthcare should work. With Madsen Medical Direct Care we can provide a higher level of care for a more affordable cost. Why? No jumping through insurance hoops; immediate access to your doctor on your terms; and personalized treatment plans. 


How do I know if this is right for me?

Schedule a free, unconditional visit to discuss your health care needs. It’s the only reasonable way to begin or continue what, we trust, will be a long, productive, healthy relationship. Call the office today to schedule an appointment  740-947-8602.