Have The Healthiest Summer Ever. Here's How.

There’s not a single person I’ve seen over the years who doesn’t want to be healthy and who doesn’t want to have more energy. We all want that. And with summer just around the corner, it seems to highlight that internal desire to overcome those “bad” habits that hold you back from achieving your best health.

But you see, the problem comes when you start to think about where to start. We humans have a habit of over-complicating things, then you get overwhelmed, and then you decide it’s all too hard. I believe that you can have the healthiest summer ever, and start to develop new healthy habits by focussing on a few simple, but important, areas of your health—here’s where to begin:

1. Sleep Better at Night

Many of us toss and turn at night—it can be so frustrating, not to mention leaving you feeling groggy the next day. A good night's rest is actually very simple. Get my “cheat sheet” for a better night under the sheets starting TONIGHT!

2. Swap Out the Staples in Your Kitchen

In my house, we should have called this one: “How to stop yourself from reaching for the M&Ms”. Seriously though, what are your “go-to” foods when you’re too tired to cook or you just don’t want to? Watch this video and then ask yourself: What’s one thing you could swap out this week for something healthier?

3. Ask These 5 Questions Before You Take Another Bite

I talk to a lot of people who are second-guessing themselves all the time when it comes to food choices and given the conflicting information out there it’s not surprising. Here are five quick tips from potion control to what you eat for breakfast that’ll help.

The point is, yes, I want you to have the healthiest summer ever, but I also want you to have the healthiest life ever, off of medications (or lower the number of medications you’re on), and having the energy to spend and enjoy time with your family and friends. Start slow, tackle one thing at a time, change your habits bit by bit, and I believe you can look forward to many more years of a long and healthy life.

Dan Madsen

Dr. Madsen is a family doctor in Chillicothe, Ohio.