😳 The Average American Drinks How Much Soda per Year?

Without even realizing it, you’ve done it.

Another can of pop instead of water.

And, who can blame you? It’s so good!

And–we’re addicted.

What’s incredible is that the average American is drinking about 45 gallons of pop every year. In total that is 375 pounds of pop that pass through your system in 365 days.

Even crazier is the sugar. 45 gallons of pop totals roughly 470 cans in one calendar year.

Ready for it…


Our bodies consume 20 pounds of sugar in one year.

As in twenty.


Without even realizing it we have traded in our health for something as simple as nourishing your body with the right liquids.

So, if you’re overweight, diabetic, needing to lose some weight and you’re a pop drinker then think no more. Drop the pop.

These calories are no bueno for your health and although shaking this habit isn’t easy, it will drop your blood sugar tremendously.

The road to a better and healthier lifestyle isn’t always so complicated. With this tip, it’s very simple. Skip the pop and ask for the water. Your body will thank you.

Now let me ask you: how much pop do you drink? I want to challenge you to skip the pop for the next week and nourish your body. Leave a comment below and let me know if you’re in!

Remember–it's about making progress not being perfect.

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So there ya go–that's your lesson for today!
Dr. Madsen


Dan Madsen

Dr. Madsen is a family doctor in Chillicothe, Ohio.