Have Extended Visits & More Time With Your Doctor With Madsen Medical Direct Care

One of the things that I see with our new Direct Care program is the time that I'm able to spend with my patients now. 

For years our patients have always been in a rush during appointments. Writing all of their questions on a piece of paper and hoping to get them all answered in one visit (crazy thought, right?). 

Under the guidelines of insurance I was only able to address one major issue per appointment and then I'd be out the door. 

Now, patients come in and we're able to chat one to one–we can have a real conversation. I get to hear about their family and allot for un-rushed time so that we can get to know each other.

I'm able to really explore the symptoms I'm hearing about during our extended visits. What's really cool is that what I first think during the initial 15 minutes together, is something different after I've been able to spend time together with patients during their appointment.

So now our patients get a diagnosis that's right on target the first time, feeling so much more comfortable and taken care of–instead of frustrated and booking more appointments because there wasn't enough time during the first appointment. 

Madsen Medical Direct Care allow us to look at your entire picture of health in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We can set out a plan and partner with you. 

We're here to help you and to partner with you to make available the best healthcare possible. If you feel like Madsen Medical Direct Care is a great fit for you and your family you can enroll below!

Dan Madsen

Dr. Madsen is a family doctor in Chillicothe, Ohio.